• M Boutique Hotel

COVID-19 Update : The Beach is open!

Our Commitment is Your Safety!

M Boutique Hotel is open for business and our Beautiful Beach too!

Please find below the City of Miami Beach guidelines to enjoy our Beach:

  • Beaches shall be open to the public between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. only

  • No groups of more than 10 people will be permitted

  • All beachgoers must have facial covering available and ready to use at all times; beachgoers must be able to show their mask upon request by local authority

  • Facial coverings must be worn when social distancing of 6 feet cannot be achieved, except for members of the same household

  • Facial coverings are not required for:

  • children under 2 years old, following CDC guidelines

  • persons who have trouble breathing due to a chronic pre-existing condition; persons who are not able to remove face coverings without assistance or on their own or

  • persons involved in strenuous activity; however the person involved in strenuous activity should have a face covering in their possession and must be able to show their mask upon request by local authority

  • while in the ocean

  • Facial coverings must be worn in restrooms

  • Facial coverings must be worn when at concessions

  • Coolers, floats and inflatables shall be prohibited

Police, lifeguards, and beach ambassadors will be present to enforce all rules

Beachgoers will be required to leave the beach for non-compliance with requirements

Thank you for your help and understanding

Together, we can keep each other healthy

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